BBC’s new “City Watch” is a confusing show, with its ups and downs


A photo of the City Watch force, featuring (from the left) Cheery, Angua, Sybil, Vimes, Detritus, and Carrot. Via BBC America

Sir Terry Pratchett’s City Watch series is one of his most successful, within the larger Discworld universe. The series revolves around the city of Ankh-Morpok, Discworld’s largest city, and the small police force within. The City Watch is comprised of an ex-alcoholic captain, a starry-eyed constable, a sergeant who’s a werewolf, and a forensic scientist who’s a dwarf, but different from the rest. This colorful medley is the reason why I love this series and its characters, particularly Captain Sam Vimes.

City Watch’s popularity also garnered a BBC adaptation, one that’s taken inspiration from the characters, rather than creating a series that closely matches the books. This is a stark contrast to the earlier Discworld adaptations that stayed true to the source text.

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