Black Canary comes to us as a teenager in “Breaking Silence”, and I love this new story

Cover of Black Canary: Breaking Silence, by Alexandra Monir. Via Amazon.

Picture a world where women just don’t have a voice. It’s disheartening to realize that it’s not too much of a stretch from reality, but just picture it. Take your childhood heroes, make them young again, throw them into a dystopia set in Gotham City, and you have the heady recipe for Alexandra Monir’s newest novel, Black Canary: Breaking Silence.

Black Canary is an age-old superhero, first introduced to DC comics in 1947. Originally, Dinah Lance is the first Black Canary, and her daughter, Dinah Laurel, is cursed with a ‘sonic scream’. Later on, when Dinah is on her deathbed, Superman and Thunderbolt transfer her memories to her daughter, resulting in the Black Canary being reborn. There’s another reboot in 2011 where she becomes the founder of Birds of Prey and gets with The Green Arrow. In the 2016 Rebirth, she partners with Batgirl and Huntress to form Black Canary Birds of Prey again.

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