‘Not Quite Out’ is the love story you need to read this Valentine’s Day

The cover for the novel, ‘Not Quite Out’. By SRL Publishing.

Trigger Warning: the novel represents things that sometimes happen in the real world and contains scenes of self-harm, drug addiction, domestic abuse, and trauma. This review only makes some mentions of them.

Finding a good slow-burn romance novel isn’t too hard — it’s a pretty common trope that’s used in romance literature. Finding a slow-burn with a bisexual protagonist? That’s a little harder to find. If you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day read, look no further.

The struggle for young bisexual people to find protagonists that they relate to is real, particularly when most romance novels tend to have straight people as the star. Though there has been a growing body of work with LGBTQ+ characters, these characters still tend to be gay and cis-gendered. The ‘B’ in ‘LGBTQ+’ is sorely lacking in terms of representation, both on and off-screen.

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Natalia Nazeem Ahmed

A young English graduate who’s trying to share her thoughts with the world. Still a work in progress. For short fiction, visit https://medium.com/@natalianahmed